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Xoxaa Illiphia

The High Priestess

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Don't eat everything now. I want some too!" the man declares as Xoxaa reaches out for more food from a platter, scooping it up and drawing it towards her to eat it.

"I left a few! I'm not that selfish!" she retorts, eyes locking onto her food as she begins gobbling up what she took from the food platter.

The girl was occupied with eating and didn't pay too much heed to the friendly conversation she's having with this stranger. Normally, the attention from strangers would force Xoxaa away, but the food keeps her in a more relaxed state. She didn't even get a look at the man, other than identifying his hair color, but her indulging in food won't have her take a quick peek at his features. No matter how she feels, eye contact is something to avoid, always.

"So…" utters the man, turning towards the girl with a warm smile on his face, his break in speech grabbing Xoxaa's attention, albeit slightly, glancing towards him out of the corner of her eye.

"You got a name? Or would you like that I call you 'Cute girl that likes food'?" he compliments her, moving quickly over a threshold Xoxaa is completely unprepared for. "You can call me Flint."

The young woman's cheeks erupt with a strong hue of red almost as if they glow. She never takes compliments well, but her blushing under these circumstances is something she's never been able to keep under control. Almost everyone who caught her in one of her embarrassed blushing episodes would easily recognize the situation, which of course only made her feel worse. This particular scenario calls for one thing, turning away and trying to keep her skittish personality under control until a better solution comes to mind.

"Uhm..." mutters the woman, her voice quiet and breaking up while her body turns away from the man who calls himself Flint.

"I-I... uhm..." she stammers, her knees and palms clenched tightly together as if she's holding something in or back, struggling to overcome the overwhelming fluttering feeling surging throughout her body. "I'm... I'm... Xo... xaa..."

The situation didn't last long, however, as the ball room becomes louder with the ball participants scrambling towards the large staircase on the other side of the room. Soon after, the heads of the family begin to descend down the stairs to greet the crowd, which of course concludes with the arrival of Nova and ultimately, his speech, addressing in particular the card holding rank and file of the Famiglia. Xoxaa's glance shifts to the staircase ever so slightly, still in her awkward pose, but nobody else seems to be paying attention to her odd posture to her benefit, and with the rest of the crowd, focuses her attention on what Nova has to say, as she heard there would be an important announcement tonight.
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