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-Yellow: Once, because I got it back from my friend after selling it to him and didn't like what he'd done with my file.
-Crystal: I've restarted about 10 times, always either because of getting bored, having beaten the game, or the battery running out of power.
-Sapphire: Never restarted while I owned it.
-Ruby: Never.
-Emerald: Twice - once to prove to myself that I could restart a game I'd gotten incredibly far in and once to start a mono-Pokemon challenge.
-LeafGreen: Once, because I found it after years lost and didn't like the fact that I was named "Ketchum."
-Colosseum: I have two memory cards. On one, I've kept the same file since I started, but on the other I've restarted twice.
-XD: Same as Colosseum.
-Mystery Dungeon Blue: Once.
-Pearl: Never.
-SoulSilver: Three times, all for monotype challenges.
-Black: Never.
-Black 2: Never.
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