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At the moment I'm playing Castle Crashers with AlexOzzyCake and TwilightBlade, and it's actually really fun. I've never been much for beat 'em up games, but this one is pretty enjoyable, and really fun to play with friends. Only thing that really drags it down is how much it laggs when playing online multiplayer, though it's definitely worth it.

I also started on the story of Borderlands 2 with Ozzy, however due to connection problems we had to give up on it pretty quick. Sad since it's quite fun.

Last one is LoZ Skyward Sword which I decided on replaying since it's been a year since I last completed the game now, and I wanted to replay it, so yah. Not that far into it yet, since I've had other games to play, but it's still as fun :D
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