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Originally Posted by AmethystRain View Post
Okie. Found another thing.
Simple Beam's message isn't displaying the transferred ability.
I herped and didn't get it word for word, but,
"Elgyem used Simple Beam! Yanmega acquired !"
There was no ability listed. :x
Yanmega's old ability was at least overwritten but I couldn't confirm if Elgyem's ability was functional on Yanmega, so I -think- the move is working properly in terms of battle.
It isn't working properly, and it's a stupid mistake on my part. The move is trying to turn the target's ability into the move Simple (which doesn't exist, so it erases their ability instead).

Have a look at function code 063, and make the appropriate line read:

opponent.ability=getConst(PBAbilities,:SIMPLE) || 0
That red part is the bit that needs changing.

The same goes for Worry Seed, function code 064.
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