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Quote originally posted by Harlequin:
very gross
gross on all the levels

As a person, I don't like her. Very annoying. As a fashion designer/leader/idk, I tolerate her as she has produced/been responsible for some good pieces of clothing in the past and has given some very valid opinions onFashion Police also. I just don't like her though.
I'm not sure I like all of her stuff, but some of it is alright.

This is hot and should be worn by everyone everywhere all the time.

This is not and should be worn by nobody anywhere ever. Like what was she thinking even? Though, I'm not entirely positive this is one of her works. It could be Kouture.

Quote originally posted by Toujours:
I'm getting more into looking nice. Not fashion shows or high-class designers or anything like that, but buying skirts and dresses and nice tops when I see them and they're reasonably prices. I think my fashion sense is unpopular though because it's really hard to find things I like.
And big ol' floppy hates that compliment everything so well. :] Hey, hey, maybe your fashion sense is just so in demand that everybody is always sold out because everyone else flocks to your nearby stores and snatches up everything you like before you do because you like to arrive ~fashionably~ late. So, are you into floral print or more modern, abstract designs?
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