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Shinya K. Yuu

Shōbō shōnen (It's self proclaimed as he has this as Kanji tattooed on his right arm)


Race: Human

Home: Originally from Loguetown, East Blue where he lives in a cupboard in a pub where he played music inside. Although the pay isn't great, it leaves him with shelter, food, and a little pocket change.

Occupation: Musician (Whistling and Harmonica), Writer

Setting: Local

Working at Grog Stop, the bar he knew for more than half of his lifetime, he wanted to set out to spread his talent across the word.

His hair tends to cover up the upper portion of his face, including his eyes. His hair is black but slightly tinted blue, long, straight and untidy. His body build is slim, due to occasional bar fights. His eye color
is a dark purple and his skin tone/complexion is light brown. He has no major scars whatsoever and he stands 5'9.

He often wears a
(partially) laced black shirt with the left side being sleeveless (showing his tattoo) and the right being long sleeved, along with black "phat" pants that are slightly tattered. He also has a purple bandana tied on his right arm.

The main words that can be used to describe him are sarcastic, wisecrack, and somewhat bitter to those he isn't close to. People tend to confuse him with being a loner and shy c. He is of average intelligence but often his anger can get the best of him. He tends to be somewhat carefree and lazy about everything other than music or brawls.. He rarely gets strung out and usually is relaxed.

Goal: To become a worldwide phenomenon, known for his skills in music and literature.

Devil Fruit: None

Weapons: Throwing Knives, Brass Knuckles and his bare fists


His father, Mason was a bartender at the Grog Stop and he was well known for his ability to play music, which was an attraction of the bar, people often coming in just to hear him play his harmonica. Shinya's father eventually got into conflict with the bar owner although it didn't led to much but unease between the two. Eventually, his father was killed in an unrelated fight with a group of Marines, after getting caught harboring a pirate who is Shinya's Mom (Not much can be said about her except for the fact that she was a pirate and died immediately after pregnancy). Ever since Mason's death, the bar started to lose it's customers so the owner took up illicit activities and drew in alot of customers again although this crowd was rougher. The bar became notorious as a center for fencing goods and as a area for a pirates to rest at under the radar from marines.

Shinya doesn't know much about his own parents, as he has been working around the Grog Stop for most of his life, starting off cleaning the bar but his position changed to the bar's musician when he learned how to first play his father's harmonica. His music appealed to some people which led to it being his new job. In the bar he sometimes has to defend himself from the usual rowdy customer so he developed an affinity to using throwing knives and a pair of brass knuckles that belonged to his mom. Although he isn't a master at using these weapons, he became good enough to fight off the average pirate. Shinya and the bar owner tend to be in conflict with each other over numerous reasons but regardless Shinya puts up with him to keep his job. As his music skills developed, he eventually branched out to whistling when idle or during the occasional time he has to clean at his job instead of playing music.

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