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Quote originally posted by glitchguy:
It seems that if you decide to name your starter given by Joseph the game makes you name Eevee and you still have it later.So i don't think thats fixed yet.
How many times have I re-scripted, investigated, and tested that event, and still it's bugged? x,x

Quote originally posted by Ash493:
Tsch... DJG, cutting Flamethrower's power?! How could do this to us :/
I don't really remember why I did that, though I seem to recall seeing its base power like that on the newer PKMN games.
*checks serebii*
You know what? Never mind. I'll change it back. *whistles*

Quote originally posted by glitchguy:
Okay...I just entered Twinkle town's PC and was warped to Vulcan town.
Has this happened to anyone else?I might have the wrong ROM or something.
I must have forgotten to change the warp back when I was testing Vulcan Town.
I'll fix it then.

Quote originally posted by 4thGenAce:D:
Um, isn't Vulcan Town the one with the volcano event? That's past the present beta. HAHA.
Yeah, it is. The events there aren't done yet though...


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I have uploaded a fixed version of the beta.
Here's the change log~
POKéMON SkyLine Beta 1.2 (Fixed) Information
POKéMON Changes...
- Fire-type PKMN (legendaries excluded) can now learn Flamethrower at a higher level.

POKéMON SkyLine Beta 1.1 (Fixed) Information
POKéMON Changes...
- Flamethrower's base power has been changed back to 95 from 55.
- The Pokémon Center's warp in Twinkle Town has been fixed.

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