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Victoria “Alys” Taimor

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Country of Origin: Ethora

Standing at five foot six, Victoria isn’t very tall, no taller nor shorter than the other girls her age around Rowanion; even her older, bossier sister Elizabeth is only slightly taller than herself. Her weight as well is nothing special, most of the girls her age weighed between fifty and sixty kilograms, and at fifty-six, she is only slightly about the average and has quite a slim figure. The only things she lacks more than other girls is her chest which is a bit smaller than that of her female friends which she sees more of a blessing in disguise than anything else. Like the other girls in Ethoria, Victoria has lightish, pinkish skin, however due to her disliking of staying couped up inside like a lady and preference for the wide expanses of the outdoors, her skin has taken a beaten from the sun, now slightly darker than those of the females around her. Much to her sister's dislike, Victoria also has callouses on her hands and a couple of scratches here and there from being outside.

Her hair is a rich auburn in colour, falling to just below her shoulder blades and naturally soft and smooth. This often leads people to believe that she is not related to her siblings, whom both have their mother's blonde hair, rather than their father's auburn hair. She cuts her to no lower than shoulder blade length to make it easier for her to move around, yet still look like a girl when she needs to. When it comes to moving swiftly outside, she will tile her hair up into a ponytail. Beneath her fringe lies a pair of green eyes, slightly lighter in shade than her brother's and sister's. Contrast to her auburn hair, her eyebrows are actually slightly tinged with blonde, hence why she often hides them beneath a fringe, yet doesn't let her fringe get long enough to obscure her vision.

Being apart of the high class, she was often taught to wear magnificent silken thread dresses that would press tightly against her body making it hard to breathe, high-heeled shoes requiring a certain amount of skill to walk around, and a variety of necklaces, earrings and bracelets to compliment the overall look; as well as having her hair done up in what was considered the 'latest fashion'. Although she does not mind wearing these due to years of having to do so, she prefers her civilian clothes and hunting leathers as opposed to this for greater freedom of movement. Despite the urging from her sister, she will often take to the masses of the public in her civilian or hunting gear in order to better blend in and 'fit in' with the locals around the town of Rowanion. However due to her status, they know who she is and will more often treat her with respect than the ignorance she desires.

A belt wraps around her waist to hold up the tight leather pants that end halfway down her calves; an attachable sheath for her curved hunting knife sits on her right hip. below this are her leather boots with shin guards that cover the skin left over from the bottom of her pants, leather buckles keeping them close to her shins so they don't move around when she does. Above her waist is a tight leather corset that has more freedom than the ones she is strapped into for dresses; accompanied by a hood that, when on, just touches her eyebrows. Slung over her shoulder is her quiver of arrows, pockets running up and down the outside of it holding different items to tip her arrows with; from paralytics, to poisons, to blunting heads. Her bow usually rests over her right shoulder. On her left wrist is a simple leather arm guard while her right arm guard extends into a half-glove to protect her fingers when holding the bow.

Personality: Victoria is an outgoing and straight-shooting type. Enthusiastic and excitable, she lives in a world of action. Blunt, straight-forward risk-taking means she is willing to plunge right into things and get her hands dirty. Unlike others, she lives in the here-and-now and places little importance on what might happen or theories. She prefers to look at the facts of a situation, quickly decide what should be done, and execute the action and then move on to the next thing.

Victoria see’s rules and laws as guidelines for behaviour, rather than directives. If something needs to be done, she would rather do it and get on with it than follow the rules. Despite this, she has a strong belief in what is right and wrong as what she perceives to be so, and will stick to this principle faithfully. This meaning that her own integrity will stop her from doing anything she feels to be wrong under any circumstance.

Fast moving and fast talking, Victoria takes the time to appreciate the finer things in life. She has a silver tongue, her ability to improvise not only in speech, but in actions as well. She will more than likely make things up as she goes along rather than following a plan. Victoria likes to have fun, but sometimes her idea of fun can be hurtful to others without being aware of it as she does not really care about the effect her words have on others. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t care about people, rather she makes decisions based on facts and logic and doesn’t take people’s feelings into account.

Victoria had trouble in school due to her lack of patience with theory. She would often get bored with classes in which she felt she would gain no useful material that could be used to get things done. This doesn’t mean she isn’t smart, she is fairly intelligent, but she deals better with hands-on situations than theoretical ones.

Victoria is somewhat restless and gets frustrated easily when restricted or confined and unhappy with routine chores. She has a natural abundance of energy and enthusiasm and can get very excited about things.

History: Victoria’s birth came as a surprise to Arthur and Maria Taimor following the birth of their eldest daughter, Elizabeth three years later. The House Taimor had been expecting a boy ever since Elizabeth’s birth, suffice to say they were a little disappointed with another girl, but House Taimor saw it more of a blessing in disguise. It wasn’t until four years later when Victoria’s brother Alexander was born was the House Taimor finally happy to have a son, that Victoria began to dislike being in the House. Victoria soon began to dislike the attention Alexander was getting as the first born son, and being in the shadow of her older sister Elizabeth didn’t help either. In her younger age, Victoria liked to escape the house and play with the other children in the streets and fields while her mother took care of Alexander and Elizabeth learnt how to become queen. Quite frequently she would come back to the house bruised and muddy after a day playing, her clothes showing rips and holes much to the dissatisfaction of her house maiden. Victoria soon became accustomed to wearing the restricting clothes that was required of high-born children, however preferred more loose fitting clothing.

As soon as Victoria came of age, she joined her sister in the classroom, being taught by the houses tutor in how to speak and write Ethorian alongside learning how to act like a lady. Victoria being the active child that she was preferred the outdoors, and would be scolded for turning up late to her classes which she attended to much dissatisfaction. While her sister excelled in acting like a lady and learning in the classroom, Victoria lagged somewhat behind, excelling more in the field and outside. Nether less, for the next couple of years; she attended class and learnt to act higher class until the age of eight when she befriended the son on the local weapons’ smith. Unlike her sister who excelled in politics and her younger brother who would soon be taught how to handle a sword, she found her interest in befriending the people of Rowanion. Victoria knew most of the children in the city by name, but very little knew of her actual title; she hid under the alias “Alys”, fearing that if the others found out about her heritage, they would treat her differently.

Tyler was the first to recognise her royal status, as the weapon smiths’ son, the two encountered each other when their parents would discuss matters concerning both parties, and quite often the two would run off to play. One day, Victoria escaped the household to go play with the other children, only to find Tyler there as well. Before the boy could say anything, Victoria initiated a game of ‘hide and go seek’ and ran off, pulling Tyler by the hand. The two hid and Victoria threatened the boy if he was ever to let her identity slip. After this, they soon became good friends, and often spent time around Tyler’s father’s workplace. Here, Victoria came across the bow, after deliberating with Tyler’s father; the two soon began learning to use the bow. For the next ten years, the two learnt to use the bow together, often going on hunting ventures once they were fifteen to train on moving targets like animals. Through this period, the two became quite close friends, however due to their status, they were unable to become anything more; Victoria’s family beginning to shun her friendship with the boy.

Once the two grew to the age of eighteen, they grew apart. Tyler ended up joining the archery segment of the Taimor army, spending long periods of time away from the city while Victoria went back to learning how to be a high class lady. By now, the children Victoria had played with in her young age were in the work force and as such she knew many people around the city of Rowanion; making her more social than either of her siblings. Although now they know of her status, many still refer to her by her alias, “Alys”. At this time, Elizabeth ascended to the head of the house after the unfortunate event of her parent’s ship being burnt down by Raelus’ pirates under orders of the Burning King. Their untimely death meant the Elizabeth was still somewhat unprepared to become head of the house, but regardless of this she still became head of the house with help from her advisors to lead. Alexander continued his training to become a knight and Victoria continued to practice with her Bow, now having a bow specially crafted to suit her and now moved more freely around the city of Rowanion and befriended more people with her parents out of the way. Victoria soon after had a falling out with her sister who wanted to wed her off to one of the lesser houses in order to form a stronger bond for them with some of the other Ethorian houses. She left the city of Rowanion to travel the Ethorian countryside, taking up whatever work she could find from working in the fields, to the taverns, and even some mercenary work where she soon met, Varian Sigmund who assimilated Victoria into his ranks; Victoria running under her alias of “Alys”. Often, she would leave the mercenaries to pursue other jobs, but would always end up returning to the group of mercenaries.

Weapon Preference: Bow and Arrow is her primary weapon, however she also has a hunting knife, and can use it in close combat situations if the need arises.

She also has a Brown Falcon; named Castiel.

RP Sample:

October Carter – Syndicate HQ, Birmingham, England

October rolled over, placing a kiss on the lips of the hulking Adrian beside her. She ran her fingers lightly up and down one of his arms, marvelling at the extra pair of arms that wrapped around her. All four arms were the same length, and Adrian’s training meant they were quite muscular as well allowing him to lift up to twice what he could with one set. After meeting with Adrian and bringing him back to the Syndicate, they had hit it off, training together as they got along quite well. Neither regarded Jeremy with anything but disdain, however Jeremy brought that on himself when he chose not to fight. So they ended up being the only two training, and despite being pitted against each other multiple times, soon became close.

She was interrupted by the sharp, incessant beep of the alarm clock on the bedside table. Rolling over, she whacked the top of it, hitting the snooze button that would allow for ten more minutes of rest. When she rolled back, she was greeted by an open-eyed Adrian.

“Morning, how was your sleep?” He asked her, briefly resting his eyes before opening them again.

October cuddled further into Adrian’s ripped body, “The best in a while, it’s been lonely without you here.”

“I’m back now,” he wrapped his arms around October, giving her a hug, “so it’s back to the normal routine. I assume Fletcher and Jeremy are up already, I’ll go wake up the younger ones, can you wake up Erika and the other guy?”

Something sparkled in October’s eye, “you mean Leon? Of course I can!” She slipped into a bra and underwear, throwing on one of Adrian’s shirts that came down to just above her knees. She left the room, blowing a kiss towards Adrian on the way out.

Walking lightly down the hall, she watched each nameplate carefully, looking for the one with “Leon Nef” etched into it. It didn’t take her long before she found it. Carefully opening the door, she made her way into the room, creeping over to the sprawled figure. Taking off Adrian’s shirt, she bent over till her face was only an inch from Leon’s face. “Wake up, sexy,” she whispered in his ear.

Leon opened his eyes and observed the figure in front of her, before replying, "How much?" a smirk covering his face.

Slapping Leon across the cheek, she pulled Adrian’s shirt on, storming out of the room and slamming the door. Angry, she made her way down to Erika’s room, composing herself into a nicer mood before knocking politely and entering.

“Erika dear, its breakfast time,” she said cheerily with her head through the door. She closed the door behind her, making her way down the hall and into the lounge area where Jeremy sat at one end with Fletcher. October positioned herself at the other end of the table, ordering a bowl of muesli and yoghurt.

Adrian Santoro – Syndicate HQ, Birmingham, England

Once October left, Adrian stretched out in bed before swinging his legs over the side of the bed and putting on the pair of jeans sitting on the floor from yesterday. He was still quite tired, after having spent only a couple of days in America had been enough to give him bad enough jetlag. The world still felt like it was uneven, but not to the extent it had been when they arrived, so apart from a couple of minor stumbles, he had no trouble really moving.

Adrian left his room in time to see October enter Leon’s room, her apparent excitement about waking Leon up worried him; Adrian knew October well enough that she was probably going to try and annoy him in some way. Regardless, Adrian walked in the opposite direction, coming to the doors of the two new recruits; Jericho Heiko and Archie Reevs.

He knocked quite loudly on both doors before he entered them, “Up and at it guys, get dressed and join us for some breakfast!” he announced before leaving them to their own devices and headed towards the kitchen. At the table already sat Jeremy and Fletcher at one end, with October at the other end, slowly eating her muesli and yoghurt. Adrian ordered Bacon and Eggs accompanied by a protein shake and joined October at the table, sitting next to her as he waited for his meal to be brought out to him.

Every so often, he would look up at the door, waiting for the others to arrive for breakfast until his freshly made breakfast was served in front of him.
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