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What region would you meet them in? Unova.
What town would you be from? I don't know... Flocessy, maybe.
How would you meet them? By shaking hands and gestures.
What would your main goal be? To become the greatest, or one of the greatest.
What would be your preferred Pokémon type? Preferrably Normal types.
What would be your main Pokémon (the one that walks around with you)? Lucario.
Would you let your main Pokémon evolve, and if so, to what extent? Yes. Actually it did. Gaining friendship and respect is the extent of the evolution.
What would your gender be? Male
What would your name be? Cameron
What family members would you have? My twin brother who happens to be Pokemon Ranger Ben!
What would you look like? Brown Hair, Red Headband, Yellow Shirt, Backpack, Shorts, and Sneakers

Ash+Cameron BFFs!
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