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Name: Ser Mathias Rowan

Age: 36

Gender: Male

Race: Half-Elf (Elven Father and Human Mother)

Country of Origin: Raelus

Religion: Unlike many from Raelus, Mathias worships the Church of the One. He became a converted one when he stumbled across a believer who had taught the religion to him.

Appearance: Mathias has the looks of a hero. His long, golden hair falls in sheets to his shoulders, framing his angular, handsome face. He takes every possible care with his hair, for it is his pride and joy. Whenever he appears in the sun, vibrant rays reflect off his head. His face is almost as fair as those of the Elves. Many women have pledged their love to him, but he turns them aside. His strangely beautiful face is the product an Elf-Human marriage. He is a Half-Elf. His ears are slightly pointed, but it isn't completely noticable through his long, golden mane. His face is a light cream shade, much like his fathers, so he takes his dark brown eyes from his mother. His nose is rather thin, and is rounded at the end, his chin, a chiseled piece of art. His chin is angular like an Elf's, but it is chiseled like a Human's. A thin, well-kept golden beard borders his beautiful chin.

His body is very muscular in general, but his arms would be considered larger than the average warrior's. His large muscles almost popped out of his chain mail the first time he put it on, so the nearby blacksmith forged him a new set. His chest is well muscled as well. He wears a heavy steel breastplate, as well as steel greaves, gauntlets, and boots. His breastplate has the sigil of the house he once served as a knight: A crimson sun with a grey fist in the center. His sword's sheath is on his right hip, and his axe holster on his left. He draws his weapons from opposite hands.

Personality: Rowan is the perfect example of a knight. He is chivalrous, handsome, and brave. Whenever around women, he puts his best manners on. When in the company of men, he is the life of the party when there is one. His voice is deep and powerful, so he is the loudest person around when it comes to shouting competitions. His reputation to be stubborn is the same as the Dwarves'. Once his mind is set, it will not be changed. Mathias is not exactly stupid, but one would be correct to assume that he isn't intelligent. He is a good strategist, but whenever possible he goes for the
"Swing first, ask questions later" tactic. He accels at it. He will not tolerate any question of his honor, and will deal with the culprit quickly and painlessly. He doesn't enjoy causing pain, but he believes that one cannot get through life without doing so. Rowan is a firm believer in the Church of the One. He carries a copy of the Book of the One with him at all times and reads it everyday.

Fighting is a second nature to Ser Rowan. He is always the first into battle and the last to leave, either kicking and screaming, the absence of enemies, or the fact that he's dead. Mathias is quick to start a fight. He knows he could win easily by using his strength and surprising quickness to end the fight quickly. When he can't end it quickly, he goes into a defensive stance so he can out last his opponent.

History: (Your back story. We urge you to look at country profiles when making your history, but this being an original world, feel free to roam. If you would like to make up a House, or a town, feel free to do so. There are few, if any, limits, we impose here.)

Weapon Preference: Mathias is different than others from Raelus. He wears heavy plate armor with a chain mail suit under it. He prefers not to wear a helm, for it would block any view to his hair. For weapons, he uses a broadsword in one hand, an a double-headed axe in the other. He is of average skill with a bow.

RP Sample:


Side: Knights of Ekilore

Apologies for the shortness. I'm still working on it.
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