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Apollo & Vlad
Apollo let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding. The Buneary was a bit sassy, not exactly the attitude he had expected from the little fuzzball. Then again, he hadn’t expected it to be a “he” either. At least he gathered that the Buneary wasn’t affiliated with the trainer in any tangible way, maybe his curiosity simply led him here? He didn’t seem like it was his trainer.

Shifting uncomfortably, Apollo walked nearer to the slumbering human, an appraising eye running up and down its tiny form. What happened to it? These humans, they all looked the same. Apollo really didn’t even know if it was a male or female. He leaned down and poked its cheek with one of his talons, checking to make sure it was really unconscious. No response so far.

“Well, uhm...” Apollo wasn’t a good liar, he really had no idea what to say that might convince the Buneary to let him take the human. Maybe he didn’t have to convince him? He could just take it and call for Vlad to come and scoop them up. Casting a glance over his shoulder, he spied the big, dopey Charizard standing on his haunches and watching him from afar. A sigh escaped his mouth as he turned to talk to the Buneary again. “I, uh, can help her if you want,” he lied unconvincingly. “My friend over there,” he pointed at Vlad, a subtle cue for the great Charizard to come on over and make an appearance, “he could fly the human to help.”

Vlad flew to but a few feet away from where Apollo and the Buneary had been conversing. His great wings expanded and cast a shadow over the lot of them as he finished speaking. Bending down to sniff the Buneary, Vlad looked him square in the eye and tried to size up the little Pokemon. Size wise, there was no competition. “Hello, I iz Vlad,” he spoke up cheery enough. “We take humanz now, okay?”

Apollo groaned inwardly at the Charizard’s blunt manner. He certainly didn’t beat around the bush. Flashing his best salesman's smile, he nodded to what his companion said and made it seem like they only had the best of intentions. Which of course, they did. Just not for the human.
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