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~I always save inside of buildings. I'd hate for my character to be left outside in the cold!

~I always hold my breath when I catch Pokemon. And I swear when they don't stay caught.

~When I lose to an NPC trainer, I have a bad habit of ragequitting.

~I always alphabetize everything that I can in my bag. (The TM and Berry pockets drive me insane. ;~

~I also seperate my pokemon by type, and organize them in the type boxes by level.

~I always nickname my permanent teams, and the names are always something /really/ predictable, say Blaze for Arcanine or something. (I recall naming a Groudon fireman one time. I don't even know why. o_o)

~before I reach the first gym, no matter what game, all of my pokemon have to be at least level 15 or higher.

~Also, when I was much younger I'd feel terrible about catching legendaries. As soon as I caught them for Pokedex info, I'd release them right away. (Especially considering I also felt like I lost battles a lot more when I had them in my PC. superstitious, much?)

~Oh, and I always have to have a Persian on my team. They give me Giovanni feels. ;~;
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