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Originally Posted by Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red View Post
Hmm...a level 10 bug? Strange. Hey, DJG, will you add those "You chose ending". You know, like in LoG, you choose bad, normal or good side.
The reason why I restarted the hack was for me to avoid that level 10 bug, since I have no idea how to fix that.
Also, different endings, I am not sure. The game is still quite in its early stages though.

Originally Posted by FranzBlack View Post
Hi Jagold!

I have a little problem, when I got out of Mount Starlight and cut down the tree in Spring Woods, Jorex comes up and wants to battle me.
When the battle sequence starts my screen gets all black.

Do you know anything I can do?

Thanks for your hack dude!
I haven't encountered that problem, but I'll do some investigation.

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