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Nathan Numbilis. Chapter 1: Assault on the incoming threats. Post 1: Stage 1 Deployment, The hunt for Psyon!
Nathan looked at the Hologram of the Bransife Region, a grin appearing upon his face. A grunt goes up to him, "New Trainers are arriving, on boats."
He replied in a deep, rich voice, "Activate Stage 1. And look for Subject 434 while your on it, (yes Team Hurricane rename Psyon, Subject 434) I want that girl on my desk in 10 days or I'm leading the assault them."
"Yes, sir."

A grey helicopter with a black "H" approached the town, within a man whose grin would eternally uphold an uneasy environment, his deep lava-colored sanguine eyes stare into the souls of his enemies.
The Helicopter hovers above the town. The doors creak open, 2 Team Hurricane Sergeants glide down. They take out their Black and White infamous Pokéball with an White H on the black.
They release the monsters inside.
"Starapt!" "Unfez!" squealed two of the magnificent beasts.
Also released was the Charizard, somewhat legendary, not seen a lot, in these parts.
With it's companion, Fearow.

They seem dangerously close to Psy. They release Togekiss as well. The Pokemon look around "Come out! Come out! Where ever you are!" The first Sergeant yells.

The man with the Bicycle in a black suit and shades, stops. He takes out his Great Ball and Releases Swampert and orders it to do whirlpool on the Charizard.

What will happen now? With Adrienne caught in the crossfire and Psy with a bounty on her head.
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