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As Tobi walked off, I had begun to have a rather positive day. Everything was going smoothly and I didn't even get in trouble today. I saw Ari bump into Tobi and say something, though I had no idea what it was and I really had no reason to care. I tout about talking with the other members, but my mind was elsewhere and I felt like I was day dreaming.

After a few minutes and Nova walked on with his wife and Luca. I gave my fullest attention, Nova and Luca were the only people in this house I truly held respect for, and I figured they were closest to being family to me than anyone but my master. Felicia spoke first, though her voice expressed anxiety, and she was nervous. She spoke about the bandits, but brought up one name I had really heard once before. Moreno. I could not remember where I had heard the name though, maybe a dream, or a legend, I brushed it off as swords and intelligence issues.

When Nova stepped on stage and said "Felecita has already delivered the bad news" I believed things would lighten up. Maybe that meant good news was coming, but his words made my heart drop. I knew the man was getting weaker, I just never knew he would die this soon. I couldn't even believe it when he said it, and to add on we had to compete to replace him. He continued on, calling it a cause for celebration, it was nothing of the sort for me.

The news became graver though. As angry as I was about the competition, the last topic, about the wheel, made me fearful. There was not a person in this room I wished to die, not even Ari. I couldn't take it anymore, as soon as the speech ended I stormed outside to vent. Everything had gone wrong with just a few words, and there was nothing I could do about any of it. I was just a kid after all, what could I do.

I channeled all of my energy into a force field on my fist, I think I was feeling rage then, or maybe desperation, but I punched the wall until the field broke and my hand became scraped up. After that I dropped to my knees and began crying. I was going to lose another family, the difference was that this one I knew.
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