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@IceMan: Wow, a shiny Miltank? I've been trying to get my hands on one of those, but they're so rare...did you use the Masuda Method?

@Arlo: Welcome! And yeah, I never really considered my shiny Gyarados too special either. XD But hey, it's still fun to have around. So, you're hunting Vaporeon, same as I was? Good luck!

Hint: If you own Diamond/Pearl/or Platinum, you can soft-reset (if you don't know what soft-resetting is, it's just pressing the trigger things on the DS and the start/select buttons all at once) to get a shiny Eevee. However, it might take a while, so you may have to be patient...good luck! :D

@Slender: Yup, I got tired of having Bibarel break my chains, so I just decided to go after Eevee. XD What exactly do you mean, "still be normal afterwards"?
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