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Originally Posted by Autistic Lucario View Post
Here's a small collection of self-made magic sound effects I made:

Enjoy! ^^
These are pretty cool, but I can't help but think several of them sound more like sounds that would come from an alien spaceship or something rather than magic? It might just be me thinking that, but I'd suggest trying to make them sound less like they're emanating from a machine and more like they're spontaneous flickers of energy... That makes sense in my head, but I'll try and come up with some myself soon though to show you what I meant to make it clearer haha.

Originally Posted by Jake♫ View Post

This thread needs more activity
Your voice is amazing omg. It's a shame I don't like the song since the chords/verses are pretty repetitive, but your singing is really impressive! I'd love to hear you cover something like Mads Langer, I think you'd be suited perfectly for it. Plus the accent is adorable. Would love to hear more covers soon :D