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A Friend...

Ange, having cleaned off her Solosis, went to pick up her Pokeball and new partner. She looked quizzically up at Krissu, trying to register the place she needed to go to. Violet City... that was the next area right? What strange names these cities and towns were given. She returned Sia and with some thought, clipped both balls to her bag. They were both probably kind of tired...

Oh that's right. She should probably answer those questions... probably. She held out a small hand for Krissu to shake. "Thank you." Ange gave a smile of her own, quite without thinking. "My name is Ange now... and I am heading toward Violet." She looked away at Krissu's side glance. "To survive in this world you have to get stronger... I see..." She giggled, not amused exactly. "I'm quite surprised... I'm not gone then."

I probably should work harder to not be gone then. If I'm gone, what will happen to Benjy? A bubble of childish anger rose in her chest and her smile faded. Does he want me to find him? He had left this game at her house after all... and look what had come of it. She could white out... and then what? Nothing. Maybe she was still guilty of something. She quelled the odd sense of anger and nodded at Krissu. "I'd be happy to join you... unless I'd weigh you down."
"Perhaps I misjudged you after all."