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For me the first generation games were works of art and I loved them even the second generation managed to slip in nicely without any issues, when they got to generation 3, which is when I mainly started to watch the Anime I loved the pokemon, then Emerald came out and it introduced so much stuff which would have made Gen 1-2 better Eg: Double battles, Abilities and Natures. Then they rereleased pokemon red as Fire Red and it was so amazing! It added R/S/E features to the original pokemon games which I loved!

Heartgold and Soulsilver I didn't like because they copied the Sinnoh battle style and for me it was too slow and boring.

Sinnoh pokemon for me were just dreadful, everything was so overpowered and nothing in the game seemed to be special which was a real disappointment to say I own both diamond and platinum.

When they released Black and White I was set in my ways to hate it, but on release it was actually a pretty good game, the game play was smooth the battles were fast and didn't drag on, I loved the rematch system for the Elite Four and it made me quite happy when I played them.

So for my pokemon goes in 2 ways; It will bring out a game which will completely change the face of pokemon, then it will bring out a game with stupid features and it will sort of lower the bar for games, then when people are starting to get bored with them they release something new with new features to raise the bar again.
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