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Originally Posted by gimmepie View Post
It's okay, I'm looking forward to it.

@ -Brooke: Do you have a preferred outcome for this? I was thinking a draw would be a nice start.
I haven't been in too many RP's.
On the topic of battles/interactions.

Do we simply wait for a response to our response to the other person's response.

John: *long post then runs into Sarah.*
Sarah: *short post interacting to John's introduction.*
John: *short post reacting to Sarah's response to his introduction.*

And it would be a series of short posts, rarely moving the story along? Or is that the whole idea of it? To create sort a "script" of dialogue between two characters in the RP until another action happens to progress the story?

And in the case of battles. I assume we would have to wait for the opponent to finish their post reacting to our attack?

John: *Charizard uses flamethrower*
Sarah: *Blastoise dodges flamethrower, uses Skull Bash*
John: *Skull Bash hits Charizard. Charizard grabs Blastoise and flys up with him, preparing a Seismic Toss.*
On that last line, would we be able to go ahead and do the full attack, or give the opponent time to react, likeso-
Sarah: *Blastoise uses Hydro Pump knocking Charizard back, forcing him to let go of Blastoise.*

I know we can't make every turn a dodge/counter, but how will we decide what attack hits/ect. Is it just up to the responsibility of the RP'er to not godmod (or whatever its called lol)?
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