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Originally Posted by PokeInfuse View Post
This could also possibly be to do with the new film coming in 2013 ? With Gensect.
Or possibly an announcement of the next gen. It's hard to tell when there's a fair few theories. Heck, it could also possibly be to do with the new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon ?
It could be movie news, maybe more details on what it's about; who's in it etc however if the Masuda recording for Pokemon Smash does coincide with this announcement I can't see what more major news he could say about the movie. I doubt it would be Mystery Dungeon news, it's already released in Japan and we've got a North American Release date. We've just had a big Genesect event, Kyogre & Groudon Event and we've had enough spin-offs for Gen V (Mystery Dungeon, Pokepark, Rumble Blast, Get Typing, Conquest) so it could easily be a new maingame which would most lilkely be Remakes OR Gen VI.
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