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Heh, what am I not working on would provide a shorter answer. Let's see:

Pokemon related:

I'll head this off by saying I'm always working on something here, but I have to maintain a website, so that's the overall reason.
  • Pixel art and sprites (no real reason than for practice)
  • Fan game/simulation
  • Comics
  • Far too many animated projects
And most of that is at the same darn time. Also, where would you even post non-sprite Pokemon based animations on this forum? Especially if you have less than four (because let's face it, one animation is a ba-jillion drawings and making four of them, if they're good, is way too time consuming).

Non Pokemon related:
  • A couple of games, one of which is just a proof-of-concept that'd be my project 100%, at least for now. I might need some help with polishing the code and maybe porting it to mobile devices. Anyway, it's just something to put a brand on.
  • Sketches of stuff, including the above mentioned game's art
And I'm still debating on whether I want to publish a dumb little indy comic, but I'm too tied down to worry about it (that, and I'd rather do art for games if I had to choose where to focus that energy). I've started sketching ideas but haven't done much more than that. I'll probably continue to kick the idea around for another year if I don't actually start it.

I'm doing one of these things a day. Not all day, but y'know.

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