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Yeah, suits are good. Personally I think they can be a little too formal, but they're still classic. They've lasted this long.

I got into the idea of fashion while I was at a friend's place. It was her roommates who were watching Project Runway and I sort of got sucked in and made a regular thing of going over to watch it. This was also when I started to make some new friends who were more into looking stylish that people who'd been my friends and when I started to have some money of my own. It was also a time when I was going through some changes in my own life and was looking for some way of better expressing myself. It all kind of fell into place. I think the thing that really pushed me over was when I learned there were stores I could actually go to that sold the lolita styles I liked and my vague interest became a real possibility. (Also because of having money. I can't forget that.)

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