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Everyone before me are sticks in the mud! Now, I'm not saying I'm a huge fan of Disney or a fan of what they do with their money, but the quality of movies they produce is, for the most part, undeniably brilliant. That's also not to say that they don't have their flops - as does every company in regards to anything/everything - but there are still those few gems.

For example, Up was one heck of a fantastic movie. The animation was some of the best I'd seen in years, the plot was somewhat unique, though I'm sure it's been done plenty of times before, but for a Disney movie it wasn't half bad. I also enjoyed the characters, though only one of them was notably dynamic and I like characters to be as developed as possible.

If I go on about their goods and bads I'll be rambling for pages, so I'll stop there, but I am a fan of Disney. Now, what they plan to do in the future - here's praying for you, Star Wars - I'm not super excited, but otherwise? Yeah.

EDIT: Forgot Up is a Pixar film but I feel my point stands regardless! D:
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