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Thomas Elias Brown
Randy Greyson Jr.
Sir Quincy Marley

Battle on the big blue! Shark Attack!

"A battle? A capital idea, mate!" Quin said happily. Oh, so he was an Aussie now? Whatever. Randy had sent out his Elecktrike, and Esper had happily assumed his spot. Time to begin. Randy quickly ordered Elecktrike to use Spark. Thomas smirked and nodded.

"Esper, Confusion!" Thomas said. Esper purred and his gem gleamed, even as the dog charged, and Electrike yelped and hit the ground, his eyes dazed. He stood up and stumbled a bit.

"That's ******** you stupid bastard!" the younger boy shouted loudly. Thomas rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"Watch your mouth, there's a child present." Thomas said, gesturing at Quin, who chuckled.

"Oh, hilarious. Say, you fancy a battle after this one? No, no, you would not be able to oppose Zeda, never mind." Quin said, still chuckling. He waved at some blonde haired man, who seemingly ignored his antics. So... Quin had a habit of waving at people... Nothing wrong with being friendly, Thomas supposed.

"**** you both! Elecktrike, Tackle!" Randy cried. Thomas rolled his eyes.

"Esper, Tackle too." Thomas said. Esper had a slightly annoyed look. What, he didn't like to get close to other pokemon. Still, he dashed at the dog and slammed into him, knocking him over and pinning him down. Bad move Esper...


"ESPEON!" Esper cried, his fur having little electrical pulses dancing all over it, shaking and backing up. He shuddered weakly as the elecktrike got back to his feet, snarling.

"ESPER!" Thomas shouted, but Esper seemed unharmed, though his movements were jerky and awkward. Thomas felt something touch his mind, and it sounded like someone was trying to speak through a staticky TV.

"O-, ---- -u--..."

"You're ok Esper, sorry... Confusion again!" Thomas said. Randy, sensing an opening, quickly ordered Elecktrike to strike. Well, ordered is the wrong word...

"Alright you dumb mutt, you got him on the ropes! Hit him with spark again you stupid ass mutt!"

Thomas wanted to throttle him Quin even looked displeased. This was not right. Esper snarled, his eyes gleaming. He didn't like Randy much, clearly. You just, didn't talk to a pokemon like that! Esper fired the attack while Elecktrike had turned and growled at Randy. He howled and hit the ground, knocked out cold. Randy growled and returned him, looking at the pokeball.

"What a worthless runt..." he scowled. Thomas walked over to Randy and sighed.

"No, you just treat him poorly and he hates you. You were winning until you started calling him names." Thomas said. Randy growled and backhanded the larger boy, actually making him trip over his own feet and fall to the ground.

"I've had enough of your preaching!" he shouted. Thomas glared up at him, his right hand balling into a fist his left still being limp.

"You son of a *****!" Thomas yelled. All of a sudden, that familiar rush of power, and everything seemed to slow down. In his mind, he heard the ticking of an old clock, and Randy's expression of anger turned to confusion and then loathing as Thomas got up and tackled him, all painfully in slow motion. The sound of the waves, Quin and Esper's cries of shock and pleading, the other poeple running towards the two boys as they wrestled near the railing, punching and kicking each other all seemed like it was moving slower. Thomas would have actually been getting beat up, because he was only using his right arm, had it not been for that.


"You feel it do you not? My power?"

"Wh- t-e ---- ar- --u?"


Esper cried out, his gem flashing a deep blue and he collapsed at the same time Thomas had hit Randy so hard he dropped the pokeball holding Elecktrike over the railing. Without an once of hesitation, Thomas jumped the rail and dove after the ball. He caught it and turned his body so he would land without hurting himself, making a big splash as the boat left him behind. He kicked his feet and put the ball in his pocket, beginning to swim, a current pushing him in different directions, making him completely lost. The link with Esper was weak, and Thomas could see past the guards, Esper's memories and emotions flooding into his mind. A young eevee baby with a girl. Falling in a hole and getting trapped. The girl making promises to come bac for him. Days passing. A broken paw. Esper finally having to climb out of the muddy pit imself. Fear. Anger. Hunger. Wandering for weeks, months, not knowing where he was. More fear. Seeing Thomas the first time.

"Th-thomas... Mine..."

Thomas was unsure if Esper had said that in his mind or if it was from a memory. But suddenly they shut off, and Thomas found himself washed up on a beach, laying in the sand, barely able to breath. Had... Esper saved him? Had he saved himself? Had D saved him?
What is real? What is truth? Is it something you can touch? Can you see it? Find it? Hold it in your hands? What is true for you is not always the truth for someone else.

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