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These are my humble opinions..

I enjoyed Black and White a lot myself, and I started from Red/Blue. What I do dislike is the "expansion pack" route that Nintendo took with Black and White 2. Why? Because the reason I buy new Pokemon games is to discover new Pokemon, not play an entire "new" game without the 100s of new interesting Pokemon to catch.

I understand that some people may enjoy the DLC/expansion/sequel models for a lot of games and it does work well for many games. In my personal case, I was disappointed with Nintendo for not making a brand new Pokemon color and instead choosing to separate one game into two games. Obviously it was a smart financial move though, as Nintendo's income will undoubtedly double (or quadruple in the case of 1 person buying Black 1-2 and White 1-2).

The game industry must be worried in general because companies are dropping like flies recently. Pokemon seems to be playing it safe for now and using previously successful titles ("Soul" Silver, "Heart" Gold etc.) to maintain it's financial stability. I still have hope for a fresh new Pokemon game though, hopefully Nintendo is able to keep up the new Pokemon coming thanks to the income that Black and White 2 gave them.

Apart from Black and White 2, I have no other complaints with Pokemon games (the "colored" games) though.

P.S. I voted "Yes" since I liked nearly all of them, I do wish there was a "For the most part" option though.
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