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djcboi's Hylian is Accepted.
IceFyr1928's Zora is Reserved.

Reservations until December 30: Today is your last day!
Twili - Lilizuki
Goron - heretostay123

Reservations until January 1:
Zora - IceFyr1928

GM Reservation (Unending):
Twili - WolfOfEve

Remaining Spots:
Places will be returned if reservations end.

Hylian: 4 remain (0 Reserved, 1 Accepted)
Kokiri: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Gerudo: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Goron: 4 Remain (1 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Zora: 4 Remain (1 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Rito: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Twili: 3 Remain (2 Reserved, 0 Accepted)

Hylians: djcboi

Quote originally posted by IceFyr1928:
Yes!! Reservation for a Zora please.
Done and done, good sir.

Quote originally posted by Lilizuki:
Thanks for the answers. I'm still wary of the magic one, because the goal was to find out the most explosive form of magic possible for the characters. Like a Limit Break, I guess.
A limit break would probably guarantee exhaustion.

Quote originally posted by heretostay123:
Question. Could Gorons be like mercenaries or something like that?
I'd say it's unlikely. Hopefully we don't get too many merc characters.