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djcboi's Hylian is Accepted.
IceFyr1928's Zora is Reserved.

Reservations until December 30: Today is your last day!
Twili - Lilizuki
Goron - heretostay123

Reservations until January 1:
Zora - IceFyr1928

GM Reservation (Unending):
Twili - WolfOfEve

Remaining Spots:
Places will be returned if reservations end.

Hylian: 4 remain (0 Reserved, 1 Accepted)
Kokiri: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Gerudo: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Goron: 4 Remain (1 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Zora: 4 Remain (1 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Rito: 5 Remain (0 Reserved, 0 Accepted)
Twili: 3 Remain (2 Reserved, 0 Accepted)

Hylians: djcboi

Originally Posted by IceFyr1928 View Post
Yes!! Reservation for a Zora please.
Done and done, good sir.

Originally Posted by Lilizuki View Post
Thanks for the answers. I'm still wary of the magic one, because the goal was to find out the most explosive form of magic possible for the characters. Like a Limit Break, I guess.
A limit break would probably guarantee exhaustion.

Originally Posted by heretostay123 View Post
Question. Could Gorons be like mercenaries or something like that?
I'd say it's unlikely. Hopefully we don't get too many merc characters.