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Part of the reason is the Republican in fighting. A group of Republicans tried working with the Dems, but the rest of the Repubs beat them down.

The parties refuse to work with each other, but the Republicans are refusing to work with other Republicans.

Imo, all of them need to be locked up in their buildings until they come up with a solution to this. Lock the congress and senate in their meeting rooms, lock the president in his office, and only let them out when they come up with and agree on a solution. Should this take time and they need food, they would be provided a basic meal of unsalted crackers and water.

Edit - I bet that if the stipulations package that they are trying to prevent from going into effect had writeins that would have prevented them from being paid for their terms, and required them to pay back pay they recieved the previous term, then they would be working together.
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