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GRRRrrrr.... I was determining my parameters on my spare DS Lite for my Black 2. I don't like changing the date and time on my one DS so that it doesn't mess up my ability to enter Dream World... but my spare DS I hadn't found my Black 2(Or White 2 for that matter) paramaters... Never do this at 1AM, that's the lesson I learned. So the "good news" first... out of a dozen tries... I got two different Timer0's each once, and a third Timer0 a whole ten times! I keep reading that on B2/W2 so many people are having issues with too many different Timer0s making their RNGing time consuming... The Bad news (mildly... a tiny bit... Heartbreaking)... On my last go at it when I was happy with my results... I saved my game instead of resetting... Meaning... I captured my Virizion without RNGing it... and wasted my Masterball all in the process.... I'm making a bigger deal out of it than I should... but on my first time checking my parameters my Virizion was a supper lucky one with three perfect IV's... and the one I hit save on has two decent IV's and the rest aren't great, including one that is a "0". Live and learn... 1AM and things like this don't mix.

After doing this I was sucessful in my first Hidden Grotto RNG abuse:

#132 Ditto ♁ (level 47)
OT: RINGO ♂ (Black 2, 53077/12320)
Relaxed - Imposter - 31/27/31/27/31/30 - Untrained
HP -- ICE / 70
Transform - *** - *** - ***

And my first two tries at this Ditto I fainted it. Then the next few I had it down in the red and used all my Premier balls (What I wanted it in), followed by all my Ultra Balls. Then on my next attempt, my first hit was a little more than half way, and I new a second attack would take it out (I forgot a false swipe user)... I threw a Premier ball and caught it on the first one!

I also have two more Entra Link abuses from my Black:

#185 Sudowoodo ♀ (level 10)
OT: RUSH ♀ (Black, 2112/24292)
Bold - Rattled - 23/23/27/30/30/30 - Untrained
HP -- FLYING / 70
Flail - Low Kick - Rock Throw - Role Play

#77 Ponyta ♀ (level 10)
OT: RUSH ♀ (Black, 2112/24292)
Careful - Flame Body - 30/30/31/30/31/31 - Untrained
HP -- GRASS / 70
Growl - Tackle - Tail Whip - Ember