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I want to elaborate on my reason for liking Duksull/Dusclops/Dusknoir. I didn't really put that much info on him...

Well, I began really liking Dusknoir and his evolution line when I played the game PMD, Explorers of Sky. I loved his classic, dracula-style villainy. He was evil but also kept an air of nobleness about him. Not only that, but I typically like villains in most stories. XD And then when the game progressed, and I played the special episode (I forgot it's name) where you play as Grovyle in the future, it really made me emotional when Dusknoir became good right when he died. Dusknoir has kinda always been one of my favorite pokemon, even though I can't always find a place for him on my teams (I'm more of an offense trainer, and Dusknoir is more of a support/stall/defense pokemon). So yeah, that's another one of the reasons why I like him.

If this counts, then I'd like to level up Duskull again. XD
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