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Update #2:

Well, Crystal is about 2/3rds done. I just finished crushing through the Elite Four and Champion and am now on my way to Kanto to take down those 8 badges before I go say hi to Red.

Godiva the Girafarig (F)
Level: 63
Stats: 200/139/126/146/115/146
- Strength
- Earthquake
- Psybeam
- Crunch

EDIT - Update #3:

Godiva managed to crash right through the last 8 gyms and I decided to ditch Strength for Thunder so I could easily walk all over Red. Here's Godiva in all her glory:

Godiva the Girafarig (F)
Level: 77
Stats: 249/175/159/184/145/183
- Earthquake
- Psychic
- Crunch
- Thunder

Time to tackle Emerald!
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