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Name: AlexOzzyCake

Partner Pokemon: Who else could it be but my all-time favourite Pokémon, Sandshrew? <3

Partner's nickname: Orange!

Your trainer sprite: Aaron <3

Why do you like Ancient things?: They're incredibly interesting Pokémon and they're all Pokémon that I've found to be very unique to any others. In particular I adore the fossil Pokémon since the Rock/X typing usually serves to create some very interesting type combinations and the idea of extracting such an ancient Pokémon from a fossil is inspiring - imagine if that could happen in real life! Then there's all the ancient Pokémon like Relicanth and Bronzor that haven't changed over all these millions of years so they're just really interesting Pokémon to research and talk about. c:

Why did you join the club? How do you like Ancients things in Pokémon? Like mythologies and all?
Kind of answered that above xD Basically I just love the idea of ancient/fossil Pokémon. The concept of these pre-historic creatures existing for so long without changing and having to adapt to ever changing circumstances is very interesting, and the Pokémon that tend to derive from these backgrounds are usually just as interesting as their concept. Pokémon like Relicanth, Anorith and the majority of ancient Pokémon are all great to use in battle due to their unlikely strategies provided from their fitting move sets and their lack of modern features is pretty refreshing compared to something like Klink or Vanillite which are just... yeah... xD