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Fara O'Shay
Cherrygove City
Fara looked over her shoulders and saw a Trainer approaching her, which meant she had to think fast. If she was going to work her magic she needed to know if he was a player or a NPC. There was a menu that could be brought up but she didn't really want to because she preferred to take it on herself. On Route 30 there were said to a lot of wild Pokemon that attacked without warning but that was just a rumor. The usefulness of the player/NPC would be determined later on but for now she just needed him as a shield.

"Excuse me, are you going to Mr. Pokémon's house?" The Trainer was far cuter than what she noticed from her earlier glance. He was scrawny, not much of a physical threat and despite his glasses she had the feeling he wasn't much of a intelligent threat either. She quickly came upon the conclusion that he needed a haircut but she doubted it was possible to get one at this point in the game.

"Yeah, but I think I'm lost?" Slowly she tucked her hands into her pockets. "Want to walk together?"

Her Nidoran grew restless in her arms, which meant his poisonous barbs swung every which way almost pricking Fara in the arm. As soon as the hold she had on him loosen he leapt from her arms onto the ground and growled at the Pokemon that fluttered around the other player's shoulder.

"I'm sorry, he's usually not like this! Anyway, we should get going if you know the way?" She voiced another question but this time it came off more confident rather than the innocent tone she used earlier. It was an annoying process to get into this weak, timid persona and sometimes she slipped up or forgot to act in the "right" way. Perhaps if the avatar had blonde hair it might've been easier for her to remember.

"I'm ready for a nap..."

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