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Name: Sven

Race: Zora

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Career: Fisherman on Lake Hylia

Appearance: Like a Zora, but with darker spots, and fins like Mikauku-Link. He wears a black tunic styled after the Hero of Time's. he caries a bow on him for killing the rare monster that he encounters.

Personality: Sven is very upbeat, but can be quite serious. He doesn't talk to tourists that much, but he loves cracking witty remarks to the occasional voyager. He takes his fishing job quite seriously, spending most of his day in a boat. He swims when he needs to, but he finds fishing rods to be much more exciting than the Zoran method. He is very friendly to people that he just met, but his iron resolve makes him quick to judge. It is difficult to earn his undying trust, and so far only Kristi has done so. Sven and Kristi are best friends, and Sven would die for Kristi.

History: Sven grew up in the average family in Zora's Domain, following his father's footsteps as a fisher. He quickly grew accustomed to Lake Hylia, and enjoyed his life as much as possible. It was then that the issue came. He was delivering fish to Hyrule Market when the sky around the town grew unnaturally dark. He saw a horse running away, carrying the young princess, and then saw Him. Ganondorf, king of the Gerudo. He ran back home, only to find it frozen over.

Being in the position he was in, Sven decided to go out and kill as many of the monsters that had started appearing in droves as he could. He purchased a bow and arrows from the Kakariko Bazaar, and set off across Hyrule Field. The city itself was horribly damaged, and always dark. Sven finally came accross a small group of Bokoblin, who had captured a beautiful Twili female. She was draped over the back of their giant boar, unconscious and tied up. Sven was in love at first sight. He attacked and killed the group of five, mostly because of suprise, and rescued the Twili, who's name turned out to be Kristi. The two fought side by side, and they grew to love each other. Eventually, the evil originating from Hyrule Castle dissipated, and peace returned to the land. Sven and Kristi agreed that they would remain together. They returned to Zora's domain almost undisturbed, and are now living there together.

Password: Your favorite color rupee! Jk, it's purple.

I also decided to make Sven a partner in crime. (If you know what I mean...)

Name: Kristi

Race: Twili

Sex: Female

Age: I do believe that you said Twili were ageless. If not, she's 27. Both it is!

Career: Assists Sven with fishing

Appearance: Kristi keeps her flowing red hair loose, and has the various markings that differentiate her race. She usually wears a black dress, similar to the one that true-form Midna wears at the end of TP. She carries a bow, along with its quiver.

Personality: Kristi is cold when it comes to anyone but Sven. She remains serious about everything, and really doesn't like Sven's wisecracks. She enjoys his company however. Kristi is upfront, and goes straight to the heart of a problem. She has grown adept with the bow, and uses it along with her magic to fight beasts.

History: Kristi grew up during the reign of Zant, whom she despised. She took her first chance to escape the Twilight Realm, and did so before Zant destroyed the Mirror. She then resolved to get as far away as possible, but was quickly intercepted by Bokoblins. She was knocked out, and was awoken by a heroic looking Zora. She traveled with Sven, and came to love him. Together, they were unstoppable. Once Ganon was banished, and Zant overthrown, Kristi wanted to bring Sven to the Twilight Realm with her. Sadly, her people refused the admission of Sven, and they were turned out. They then journeyed back to Sven's home, Zora's Domain, where they have made home.

Other: Magicwise, Kristi can teleport at will, summon twilight daggers (same idea as Ghirahim's), and a sort of electrical attack resulting in temporary control of the victim (using this leaves her vulnerable to attack, as she must devote all of her attention and energy to the task. She can only control one victim at a time. This tires her out extensively, but doesn't leave her incapacitated. She must make physical contact for it to take effect. The larger the victim, the more energy it takes.)

Password: Purple rupee...