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Xoxaa Illiphia

The High Priestess

Xoxaa had heard what Flint told her, and while it didn't help to ease her bright red cheeks, she had good excuse to look away, instead focusing on the announcements from Felicita and Nova himself. It didn't take her much time to think over what news was revealed, herself primarily concerned over the Arcana Duello, given that she operates poorly under pressure, but still, she has no interest in ruling the Famiglia, and if she were to get far, even though she'd want to win simply due to her competitive nature, victory would hold a very negative consequence. Forfeiting, however dishonorable and unsportsmanlike it may be, would be her action, for she'd rather not choose who to die, as determining the worth of someone else is beyond her scope given the complexity of people and how biased her decision would likely be simply due to her humanity, no matter what effort she may put forth to be objective. The death of someone else, as cruel as it might be to everyone else, is a burden she knew wouldn't be an issue with her. If they didn't die now, they'll die sometime in the future, and as far as she's concerned, everyone has their time, and inevitably, it looks like someone's will be sooner than the rest, even if that might be her. While she would prefer not to be the one chosen to be sacrificed, she figured that she could live with that decision, pardoning the irony of course. Hell, it might even be for the best, as she didn't quite feel like a proper Famiglia member anyone. She doubted anyone would really miss her, or even care for that matter. It's a fate Xoxaa is ready to accept if it happens.

Flint's attention averts to a younger man that literally appears out of thin air, drawing over the attention of Xoxaa herself. "So THAT's the invisible man I heard about? I wonder if he's bothered to use those perverted powers to spy on the woman around here. Maybe he's even peeped in on me! Frankly I find it hard to believe how a boy his age WOULDN'T abuse such a power. I don't know if there's a man alive who doesn't go head over heels for decent looking women."

"Hey Beck. What took you so long? Marcus is looking for you, by the way. You may want to hide. I think he wants to scold you. You know, the usual," Flint alerts the younger man, referring to him as Beck.

"Beck? That's a funny name," she giggles to herself, looking over at the boy with a hidden smirk on her face. "Sounds like maybe he is IS a peeping tom after all! But... What's his connection to our sector leader?"

"Uhm..." she mutters, focusing again on Flint, her cheeks erupting in red once again, still suffering from the backlash resulting from Flint's flirtatious commentary on not only her appearance or her name.

"Do you know... if that boy there spies on nude girls by chance?" making her statement loud enough for both of the boys and others around them to hear her potentially embarrassing commentary on the invisible man, all while pointing directly at him to signify exactly who she's talking about. "I can only assume someone with the ability to hide themselves from sight is probably a huge pervert. I'm a little concerned for my privacy with him around..."

Naturally, her cheeks still a little rosy, but her shy smile begins to morph into a frown regarding her concern over the young man, Beck's supposedly naughty behavior.
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