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Originally Posted by shubshub View Post
Travelled to Castelia City -Boat-
Beat Castelia City Gym -Burgh-
Became Owner of the Join Avenue -Shubshub-
Got Exp Share
Got Gothorita from the Pokemon Dream World Along with a Snover -**** yea for the Gothorita-
Beat Nimbassa City Gym -Thanks to Gothorita-

Beat The Driftveil City Gym -Thank You Blaze the Pignite-

About to do the PWT
Beat All The Gyms
Traded Over my Main Team From Pokemon Black -Garchomp, Electivire, Haxorus, Pinsir, Volcarona, Chandelure-
Beat The Elite 4
Beat Alder
Currently Challenging White Treehollow Unova Challenge
Beat Area 1
Beat Area 2
Beat Area 3
Beat Area 4
Beat Area 5
Beat Area 6
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