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Quote originally posted by Vato:
Wait, I was reserved? O.O I don't remember reserving a spot :P Perhaps I'm forgetting stuff... More than I usually do...

As for the SU... I was done typing, but when I hit the Save button, my computer kind of... Explode... So yeah, no SU for moi :( and since I'm gonna be busy for a while (not to mention that I'm suffering of a killer depression that makes me feel like a Waste of Space (Andrew Hussie pun) and like I'm not useful for anything at all 24/7) I don't think I'll have one done anytime soon... Sorry bout that RHCP.

Quote originally posted by Sovereign.:
I wanted to apologize for not posting. A lot has come up before the new year, but I should be able to get something up by tomorrow or the next day. :)
No worries~ It's my fault for starting a new RP in the middle of vacations and holidays :D Post at your leisure.

@ Fuyu - Can I bunny Ange by just saying that she and Krissu moved north on Route 30? To the place where the road splits into the path north and the path that leads to Mr Pokémon's house. I think I'll have a Weedle jump up at us in my next-next post too :p

Anyone can bunny and play Mr Pokémon and other quest givers - when you are interacting with them. So if three RPers are talking to a NPC, anyone of these three RPers could play the NPC in turns, or it could be decided who should play the NPC. Do it however you like.
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