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→ Route 30

"I'd be happy to join you... unless I'd weigh you down."

"Not at all," Krissu automatically said. But in reality, she guessed that she would move a lot faster on her own. Still, she would feel guilty to leave Ange all alone on this route. She'd be dead within a day, probably. "Let's go before it gets dark, then."

It was still early in the afternoon as Krissu and Ange walked north on Route 30. The landscape was pretty fascinating; clearly on par with anything she had ever seen before in a video game. To the east, large mountains were towering far away and around them were a rocky landscape with an abundance of forest. Krissu guessed it would only be a matter of time before they met more wild pokémon.

Suddenly, they came to what seemed to be a fork in the road. One way led strictly north still, with a decently walkable road and a few NPC trainers peeking out on the road ahead, probably wanting some battles if you locked eyes with them. The other path led into the forest, being on the wilder side. At least no trainers could be spotted there. But maybe they were just hiding. Why would the game fool the players like this? If you took the wrong turn, maybe you'd have to go all the way back again... sigh.

"Where do you think we should go?" Krissu asked Ange. Tentacool was since long back inside its pokéball and Litwick was out again, wobbling on just ahead of the pink haired trainer. "That path seems a lot more trustworthy." She pointed to the left and north. "But that path might... I don't know, but sometimes paths that look more difficult can be the easier ones. Because that's how some games like to do it. You said you hadn't played much games though?"