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Quote originally posted by sako:
wow this hack looks awesome... i love the csreenies especially the maps... however please change the ow sprite of the main chracter
Thanks :p
I'm planning to change the OW, still busy with it ;)

Quote originally posted by Tackle:
Awesome hack, nice job. =D
The story is so creative, I like it.
Also, the tiles, I think they should be better, I think they're not good.

And the 5th Screenshot, I can do that in the hack right?

Anyways, I hope you have a good luck with this hack. =)
Thanks for the support :)
You mean the screenshot with the waterfall? Yes, you can do that. It's part of Route 1.
I'm also still in search of someone to make some Tilesets for me.

(Please DON'T USE these images WITHOUT my permission, thanks!)

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