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Aaaaand I finally got around to fixing the OP just after the rollover for New Year! Hapy new year everyone here!

Quote originally posted by Galoria:
Welcome in the club dooght!

What do you think, in your heart, is the perfect dragon (Pokémon or not)?

Seriously. Salamence. When I was playing Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, I was like, when can I get this Pokémon called Bagon. I really want this cute Pokémon. I had only the first entry of its evolution.
And its Pokédex entry says it is dreaming about flying. Because it is cute and its dream so cute, I would love to make its wish true!
When I get this Salamence, I cried, yeah, I cried, I was so happy for my pixel Bagon T-T
(I was very young)

Till then, I think the same thing. Salamence would be a symbol for Dragon. Because all the hope of Dragon, in mythology, it is a true honor for a Dragon to make it fly one day. So it is an achievement for Bagon to fly.

It is more a feeling for me to make Salamence a perfect dragon! Forgive me D:

Now to think of it... I think this thing is rather easy, no? Don't you agree?

Quote originally posted by dooght:
I think Gyarados is the best.
I think this because Gyarados can use water type AND dragon type moves, and those combined help you a lot better than having a Pokemon with only 1 type of move. I remember once in HG I was defeating Karen of the Elite Four. Her Doomhound or whatever it is called didn't get hurt at ALL from fire moves, and my best Pokemon was Meteorite the Typhlosion! I came back later with a Gyarados and I ended up beating the Elite Four.
I suppose you can't fight fire with fire. Not especially these days! :#
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