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Aaaaand I finally got around to fixing the OP just after the rollover for New Year! Hapy new year everyone here!

Originally Posted by Galoria View Post
Welcome in the club dooght!

What do you think, in your heart, is the perfect dragon (Pokémon or not)?

Seriously. Salamence. When I was playing Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, I was like, when can I get this Pokémon called Bagon. I really want this cute Pokémon. I had only the first entry of its evolution.
And its Pokédex entry says it is dreaming about flying. Because it is cute and its dream so cute, I would love to make its wish true!
When I get this Salamence, I cried, yeah, I cried, I was so happy for my pixel Bagon T-T
(I was very young)

Till then, I think the same thing. Salamence would be a symbol for Dragon. Because all the hope of Dragon, in mythology, it is a true honor for a Dragon to make it fly one day. So it is an achievement for Bagon to fly.

It is more a feeling for me to make Salamence a perfect dragon! Forgive me D:

Now to think of it... I think this thing is rather easy, no? Don't you agree?

Originally Posted by dooght View Post
I think Gyarados is the best.
I think this because Gyarados can use water type AND dragon type moves, and those combined help you a lot better than having a Pokemon with only 1 type of move. I remember once in HG I was defeating Karen of the Elite Four. Her Doomhound or whatever it is called didn't get hurt at ALL from fire moves, and my best Pokemon was Meteorite the Typhlosion! I came back later with a Gyarados and I ended up beating the Elite Four.
I suppose you can't fight fire with fire. Not especially these days! :#
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