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Hi Volcanix, not sure if you check back here very often, or if you have anything else planned, but I thought I'd point out some things I like anyway.

First off, I like the Beedrill evolution picture because it is realistic. Not the style, of course, but the idea. It's just like the way Metapod evolved in the first season of Pokemon (I think some Beedrill evoled the same way, but my memory's shakier there). It reminds me of when the anime used to try harder to consider how certain Pokemon evolved. Now, or at least when I stopped watching it, everything glows white and morphs, there's no sense of realism anymore. Even eggs stopped hatching and just changed shape into the Pokemon in question, unlike Togepi. Having said that, I'm glad you stuck with the sensible way of cocoon evolution. It's just so natural and, well, right.

I also like the Jolteon and Quilava picture. I get that there's a sense of danger or urgency. I also like the way the Jolteon looks, could be interesting to see more of it (I can't tell what gender it is looking at it, though).

I also couldn't help but notice the Wingull legs in the picture next to it, however. It just stands out to me, because that's not the way birds legs work. Birds legs bend backwards as opposed to forwards, I'd doodle a stick figure example if I knew that you'd see it. But check online for some images perhaps of birds in flight? There may not be any helpful ones, so I suppose a video that captures flight in slowmo would get you what you want. And as far as Wingull in particular goes, I'm not even sure you see the legs at all when it's flying, which could cut out the hassle, but I don't remember. Probably best to check out the leg anatomy anyway just for your own personal reference. It never hurts to have more information on your side!

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