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1. Ice has been a staple element for all RPGs, so it can't be left out. Unfortunately, it has to suffer being outclassed by Water.

2. Steel was created because of Psychic's OP status in Gen I, but all it did was create another dominant type several gens later: Fighting. Although Charizard's dex entry does sound like a potential ability for it to deal neutral damage against its crippling weakness.

3. There's really no known specimen that's an embodiment of wind like Tornadus, which is why Flying is usually a secondary type.

4. Wrong description for Dark types, as they're suppose to represent mischievous deeds rather than an embdiment of pure darkness. They are rivaled by Ghosts, who are also known to pull pranks on foolish mortals back in the old days of animation.

5. Neutral damage to all but their own type, Steel, and Dark is the closest thing to having Psychic dominating everything.

6. A Light type will never be made ever, because we have Fire and Electric to represent Light. Also, read #4 from above.

7. I think those HMs only apply for carrying humans.

8. Anything that looks reptilian doesn't have to be a Dragon type. They can still learn Dragon moves, and that's about it.

9. Or you know, breeding their evolved forms for new starters.

10. That theory never gets old.
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