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What are your partners like? Think about personality, nature, behavior etc.
Duskull is extremely serious, rarely showing humor. The only person he feels he can express himself to, is me, and our other member Shuppet. He is easily frustrated, often going into violent rampages. He sometimes follows his dark nature, going to the extreme when battling evil people, often torturing them with their worst fears...he sometimes will even attempt to spirit them away. I keep him in line however, reminding him who he is. Overall, he is a very loyal friend, and never gives up.

Shuppet/Banette is extremely mischievous, often scaring people without intending to. However, contradicting to this, he is very friendly, and carefree. He likes to joke with people, even those who don't like his sense of humor. He enjoys practical jokes, which often earns him a Shadow Sneak from Duskull. He is attracted to any thing creepy or fun, so he really enjoys exploring. But whenever the most dire situation comes, he will turn serious, and will do anything he can to quell the situation. He is a very good friend, being a mischievous and humorous Pokemon.

Are we allowed to nickname our Pokemon?
Also, I'd like to level up Shuppet.
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