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For those of you that don't have an OC pony, use this generator. That's where I made mine, and it has hundreds of designs and colors to choose from, to make your pony unique! :)

Quote originally posted by SomariFeyWright:
... Could'a sworn I joined this on my last burst of activity...
...Aw well.

Name: SomariFeyWright
Favorite Pony of the Mane Six: Pinkamena Diane Pie, naturally.
Additional information: Pinkie Pie is my favorite because she's just awesome. She has an adorable over-enthusiasm you just can't despise, and she's also the middle-groumd in terms of development: Not left in the dark like Rarity, bur not quite an open book like Twilight... Hilarious play on Twi'spersonality not intended.

Hmm, you're not on the list, so welcome aboard nonetheless! :) We have a lot of Pinkie fans here lately. Maybe this season has so much Pinkie awesomeness, don't y'all think? xD

Quote originally posted by Aisu:
Username - Aisu

Favorite Pony - Derpy's my favorite (because Derpy is so awesome with the crosseyes) but out of the main characters? Most likely Fluttershy.

The bane of my existence in MLP is Pinkie Pie.

Derpy is awesome pony, I must agree! Since you chose Fluttershy, I'll put you to that group. :) Welcome aboard~! What is it that got you into ponies btw? :)

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