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Name: Khalidah née bint Vir ibn Sonya al Brachina

Nickname: Mirrorskin, Mirror, Mira

Race: Twili

Sex: Female

Age: 28

Career: Royalty turned Traveling Performer

Appearance: Mirror's face is weaved with soft edges and curves, sloping elegantly around high cheekbones to softly pointed chin to form the shape of a heart. Simmering amber orbs sit dominantly in their sockets, shadowed by sets of long ebony lashes that give the otherwise innocent eyes a demeanor of secrets to be discovered. Above them, a pair of slender eyebrows arch, their inner-tips slanting slightly upwards. Her nose is slim and upturned, sitting above a set of slim yet plump lips that rest slightly open, revealing the slight gap in her two front teeth.

Silky strands of fiery ginger hair sit closely cropped to Mirror's skull, styled shortly to keep from interfering with her vision, with rough edges from the crude way she cuts it. Few accessories rest in or on it, though it is often covered by the hood of her cloak, as the color is rather distinctive.

Long, yet well-formed muscles form Mirror's body, kept from becoming gangly or chubby through modest eating and constant travel. Her elegant neck stands tall, along with the rest of her posture kept correct from years of etiquette training. Slender curves make up the rest of her feminine appearance, modest in their size, save for the large behind that caused a fair amount of teasing when she was still amongst the Twili.

In sharp contrast to her attire back home, Mirror dresses in generally simple clothes that resemble those of a merchant's daughter or a gypsy, with some minor embroidery along things like long tunics, stockings, and simple shoes. She does lavish in the chance to wear something more ostentatious, though they are rare and she often has to hide such items from whoever she travels with. One item of particular fondness, that she hasn't parted with since childhood, is a Twili cloak that hides the user from scrying.

Image of Mirror in better days.

On first impressions, Mirror attempts to be cordial without being emotional. Her words are detached and based mostly on what she can identify as objective, to hide descriptions of her personality from others. Along with this, she adopts other personalities with every new settlement.

At heart, she is a woman of unsure emotions. She has a head for loyalty and loathes to mistreat others, but also possesses a general resentment for invasions of personal space; she has a phobia of touch. Were the people of Hyrule her own, she would defend them with equal enthusiasm as she does the Twili. Otherwise, the people of Hyrule are second on her list of priorities, despite the tugging at her heart with every dishonest action she makes.

The trauma brought on by her powers of prophecy have brought many perks into Mirror's mind, whether through viewing the rivers of time or the nightmares brought on by the dark forces that lurk across all worlds. Aspects of many significant entities occasionally slip past her lips, which most would describe as quirks, insanity, or possession by spirits that make her utter words of the dead or yet-to-be. The nightmares have given her a large amount of phobias, which can be overcome with the help of those she trusts.

Despite these setbacks, Mirror has a good sense of humor that she uses to defend herself from trauma, and a passion for landscapes that she often spots in her travels. She has sometimes attempted painting or sketching, but her way of life doesn't lend itself well to taking time on the art.

Mirror was born as the niece of one Lagia of the Twili Royal House Brachina, whose sister (And Mirror's mother) disappeared all too suddenly after her birth, leaving her to be raised by the woman. Lagia was loving regardless, but soon ran into trouble when raising the young Khalidah. She was crying almost constantly, sleep disturbed by nightmares of the most stirring kind, which resulted in having to be put to sleep with a spell every night, for her own health.

Once she was old enough to speak, Mirror was put into standard etiquette training and was, for most respects, a young Twili lady, save for the occasional whisper of words not her own and the nightmares that plagued her sleep. She was able to sleep through the night without a spell, but the horrid dreams only came more potently, as she saw the hands of wretched hands reaching for her cowering form.

Friends were not in abundance, when Mirror reached her teen years, for she refused to learn dancing or sparring, for fear of wretched hands twisting from those of her partners. She was often scolded by Lagia and her husband, Kunn, for the denial of these things, despite their understanding of the trauma she suffered through each night. If she could not be talented in dance or combat, she would be taught magic in particular, as potent nightmares were a sign of excellent magical potential.

Mirror's mentor, Shir, was a firm and cynical mage, who began her training by letting her choose what she wished to master, and setting her down that path with no straying. She chose mutability, so she could both hide from the eyes of those who would ostracize her, but also to disguise herself as her cousins, and borrow their friends for the camaraderie she could not possess. This training, of controlling her magic, allowed Mirror to contain her nightmares, and see past their cloud to what laid beneath; prophecy.

For one moment, she could see everything; all that was, is, and ever could be. And it brought her to the brink of death, with Shir by her side for every moment of recovery in an attempt to control her magic further, though she did not tell him of that particular gift. After much more caution, Mirror attempted it again, looking with only a telescope instead of her eyes, allowing her to see only certain things. It was mentally fatiguing, but possible, to spot specific events. She could see them more easily, instead, but it would damage her mind.

On the eve of her seventeenth birthday, Mirror saw her first prophecy, of Ganondorf's return; one possessor of the wretched hands in her nightmares. She investigated his history and feared what might come to her people upon his return, but couldn't simply announce it to everyone; they would brand her mad. So, she used her powers of disguise to sow hints throughout the city, branding buildings with warnings and causing attacks by wild beasts. She was discovered with relative ease, stripped of her family name, and ordered to leave Twili for attempting to cause anarchy among the people. She was left with only the cloak left to her by her mother, and an unremarkable glass dagger.

The return of Ganondorf came sooner than she'd expected, within a year of her time on Hyrule, during which she'd joined with a traveling circus, using her abilities to perform as a fortune teller and promoter both, during which she used her Hyrulian persona instead of showing her true self. Being away from her people, she could not warn them, so took the drastic measure of damaging her own ability of prophecy, to keep it from falling into Ganondorf's hands, before hiding in a series of deep caves and abandoning her circus.

That dilemma came to an end, like all things, but her time in the caves gave Mirror a companion in the form of the fairy Apsaras, who she took to traveling with once again, in the hopes she could find another circus to join. She found few that suited her, and Apsaras' presence was hard to hide for long, so she took it upon herself to be a solo act, never staying in one place for too long.

Recently, rumors of Ganondorf's return have begun to spread; the ones she saw first, on her seventeenth birthday. Along with the slow healing of her prophetic abilities...

The fairy companion known as Apsaras.

Magical Abilities

Prophecy (Damaged): The ability to see into the past and future, very dangerous and likely to cause insanity without exhausting focus. (Magic consumption: Low to High, depending on the method used.)

Mutability: The ability to change her form in focused ways. Unlike shapeshifting, she generally retains her own form, but can change things such as her skin, hair, and facial features, and grow extra appendages such as wings or a tail. (Magic consumption: Low. Not as drastic as true shapeshifting.)

Antimagic: The ability to remove the presence of magic or counter the magic of others. (Magic consumption: Low to High, depending on the potency of the magic and the availability of movement.)

Notable Items
Vir's Twili Cloak
Apsaras' Dagger

Golden Rupee

Apsaras' sheet will come later.