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Mako Reese and Cecilia (Gin) Reese
Route 212

It was a pleasant walk towards Route 212, the first one he'd had since he gained his pokespirit. Cecilia didn't talk, but she clung on to him. Heck, if he was starting to become convinced that she really was his little sister. She would oft go run off and bring things back for Mako to identify. She wouldn't talk, but she would use cute little gestures to make him understand, which made his heart flutter, as he had a thing for cuteness. Even still, he was wondering exactly how she got caught up in this whole mess and what pokespirit she possessed. He didn't inquire about it, though, as she wouldn't have answered him even if he did.

Speaking of pokespirits, Mako hadn't heard from Kraus in a good while. Actually, he hadn't heard from Kraus since the battle with the Haxorus. He didn't know what could have happened to him, but he was unable to contact him. This didn't worry him so much because Kraus was missing as it did because it may have meant that he no longer had his abilities. He stopped, bit his thumb, and started pacing back and forth. If he didn't have his abilities , he would definitely be screwed, as would Cecilia.

As he followed the same walking loop over and over, some sped passed his face. It went so fast that Mako naturally would have thought it were debris or something, but that didn't make any sense given his location. It didn't take long for a stinging pain to come over his nose. He went to hold the tip of it, which is where it hit, and then noticed something out of place: blood. He didn't know when he'd been cut, but he presumed that it was by whatever just flew passed him. Mako looked right, and then looked left, and spotted a figure off in the distance. He was a larger figure, definitely an adult carrying some type of contraption. He couldn't tell what it was from a distance away, but it looked rather large and not very wide. Before he had time to figure it out, the man launched...something at him, probably the same thing as before. This time the man completely missed, his projectile hitting a nearby rock formation. Mako walked over to it and examined it. It was an arrow, but it...wasn't normal. He touched the tip with little pressure, and his finger immediately started to bleed. It clearly wasn't made out of any natural material.

From behind him, he heard a tapping sound. He turned just in time to see a rather stalky man wearing a black headband running towards him at full tilt with two swords drawn. Now he really felt like he was in some sort of fiction novel. He jumped towards Mako, who quickly jumped back. Rather than going in for another attack, the man promptly ducked. Mako took this opportunity to move away from his opponent and grab Cecilia to run, but Cecilia instead used all of her strength to push him over. Just as he hit the ground, an arrow soared through the area where his head was previously and over the head of the man with the sword. These guys were good; they cooperated so well it was almost unreal. What's more, the arrows cut through his body like butter, and even as a human that wouldn't be easy. How were they doing this?

As frustration rose in Mako, a dark aura came about him. He embraced the darkness, unwilling to ask questions about how it existed without Kraus' presence. He took to his feet and rushed towards the man with the swords. He used Thief in an effort to steal one of the man's swords, and he succeeded, seemed almost as if the man gave him the sword, as if Thief weren't necessary to take the sword. Mako's stance was awkward, as it was the first time he'd ever held a real sword before. The man with the sword, however, stood in a natural position. Mako wondered why the man wasn't readying himself, but it became clear soon enough. Mako held the sword with two hands and rushed at the man, and the man still remained in the same position. Once Mako reached the swordsman, the swordsman pushed Mako to the side and placed his leg in between the area of Mako's legs, making him trip and fall behind the man. This was all Mako needed to realize that the sword, as powerful as it may have been, actually worsened his chances of defeating the swordsman.

Mako threw the sword to the ground, inhaled, and used Dragon Breath on the swordsman. In response, the swordsman took his sword by both of his hands and, with probably the most precision Mako'd ever seen, spun his swords as if it were a helicopter propeller, causing the Dragon Breath to go in every direction other than his own. This was jaw dropping for Mako, these two had fighting abilities that he'd only seen in media.

Then, for some reason, the swordsman nodded. Mako wasn't exactly sure why he was being nodded to, so he looked behind him to the archer, who nodded back. The confusion was only to grow, as when Mako turned back to the swordsman, he was gone, as was the archer. He didn't question this, as he knew that he could potentially be killed by the two if he were to stick around. He took Cecilia by the hand and started back on his way to Eterna.
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