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Chapter 2

Somewhere inside the base, Jesse, James and Meowth walked into room where the legendary pokemon were locked up. The trio stared in awe.

Raikou, Suicune, Entei James said.
Articuno, Moltres Jesse said.
Regirock, Regice, Registeel Meowth said.

Suddenly, a Wobbuffet popped out of nowhere. Wobbuffet!

Oh, you ruined it! Jesse complained.
No, he didnt, Meowth said. He said Latios!
Alright, Jesse said. Calm down, everyone. Lets get to work and crack that code!
Yeah! both Meowth and James cried.
Wobbuffet! Wobbuffet cried as it placed its paw on its head.

Back at the battle, Blaziken and Pikachu charged at Mewtwo with all their strengths while Mewtwo charged against them. All attacks collided but all three pokemon bounced back and fell to the floor.

Black Jack and Mane became surprised of what happened. How can three attacks collide and cause no damage?

Mewtwo mustve used his powers to bounce Blaziken and Pikachu away so that they wouldnt get hurt, Black Jack thought. But he didnt receive any damage either. Maybe its the microchip on his neck thats protecting him.

This annoying microchip! Mewtwo thought to himself. Held me back of making myself wide open for their attacks!

What happened? Mane thought in shock. I was expecting Mewtwo to knock those two out. Oh well, lifes full of surprises.

Mane put on a confident smile while Black Jack and the pokemon became more determined to beat him. Mewtwo was still struggling to break free from the control of the microchip as he sweated like his life depended on it and his paws shook with pressure.

Blaziken! Black Jack yelled. Mega Kick attack!

Blaziken ran at Mewtwo at a speed of a Ninjask and kicked him in the gut, sending him flying before Mane could retaliate. Mewtwo fell hard on the floor and struggled not to get up but the microchip made him do so.

It was Pikachus turn next as he lunged himself to attack Mewtwo. This time, Mane did retaliate. Mewtwo! he yelled. Knock that pip-squeak down!

Mewtwo swung his paw to knock down Pikachu but missed as Pikachu dodged out of the way and tackled Mewtwo in the stomach, knocking him down again.

Blaziken! Black Jack yelled. Team up with Pikachu and use Comet Punch!

Blaziken kept on dodging Mewtwos attacks and punching his mid-section several times while Pikachu kept on using his quick attacks as well as dodging Mewtwos.

Hold still, you annoying pests and let Mewtwo thrash you! Mane said in an annoyed tone.

The attacking of Blaziken and Pikachu kept on going until Mane couldnt take anymore. That does it! Mane snarled. Mewtwo! Psychic attack!

NO! Mewtwo thought deeply. He tried to not use his ultimate attack, but to no avail as he blasted out a huge barrier shaped like sphere and blew Blaziken and Pikachu away, sending them flying.

Blaziken and Pikachu fell to the floor. Blaziken safely somersaulted and landed on his feet but Pikachu fell hard on the floor.

Blaziken! Black Jack yelled in concern as Blaziken fell on one of his knees. Are you alright?

Blaziken looked back to him and nodded, even though he had bruises on parts of his body. Black Jack turned to the badly injured Pikachu and said, Pikachu, youre injured now. Take a rest

He then turned his head to Ash, who died after taking a Hyper Beam attack from Mewtwo. Ketchum would be very proud of you, he said in a sad tone.

He turned his attentions to Mewtwo. Blaziken! he yelled. Blaze Kick attack!

Blaziken leapt into the air. Too easy! Mane said. Mewtwo! Use your Shadow Ball attack!

Please stop Mewtwo said weakly, as he charged up his powers. Before Blaziken could reach Mewtwo, he shot out the attack. The attack collided, causing another explosion on impact while Black Jack protected himself from the explosion. As the smoke cleared, he saw Blaziken lying unconsciously on the floor.

Blaziken! Black Jack cried as he ran over to him. As he checked on him, he slowly opened his eyes.

Blaze Blaziken whispered.
Sorry, Blaziken, Black Jack said.
Oh, Jacky, Mane said, catching Black Jacks attention. Look behind you.

Black Jack turned round and, to his shock, saw Pikachu in Mewtwos clutches. Ash Pikachu Mewtwo thought to himself in a sad tone. Im sorry

He started to squeeze the life out of Pikachu and send electric shocks inside him. Pikapi! Pikachu cried calling out his trainers name.

Ill make a deal with you, Black Jack, Mane said. Give up now, be my servant and Ill release the cute pokemon.
Pika pika! Pikachu screamed in pain.
This is a battle between you and me now, Mane! Black Jack snarled. Leave Pikachu out of this or youre gonna pay!
Whoops, Mane said. Wrong answer.

Mewtwo continued to torture Pikachu. Pikapi! he cried again trying to get Ashs attention, but he showed no signs of movement.

Blaziken struggled to get to his feet but he kept on falling down, as he felt weak. Black Jack ran to free Pikachu instead. No point telling Mane or Mewtwo to drop the little guy! Black Jack thought.

As he got closer, Mewtwo uncontrollably sent Black Jack flying with his Psychic blast, making him fall hard to the floor. After taking one powerful blast from Mewtwo, Black Jack struggled to get up. Power is getting out of control Mewtwo thought as he felt all of his powers were growing. Black Jack and Blaziken could only watch in desperation at that point.

Pikachu kept on crying his trainer out even louder. Suddenly, there was a small beat in Ashs heart. Pikachu he whispered.

Outside the base, a tear was coming out of one of Mistys eyes when she felt something in her heart that surprised her. Ash she whispered. Hes

Back inside the base, Ash kept on feeling small beats in his heart, but he still hasnt made any movement yet. Pikachu kept on screaming louder and louder as he was still being tortured by Mewtwos power.


A shining multi-coloured aura surrounded Ash and his pokeballs as he quickly got back up, much to the shock of Mane, Mewtwo, Black Jack and his Blaziken. Dont give in, Pikachu! Ash yelled.

After saying that, the same aura surrounded Pikachu. It looked as though he couldnt feel anymore pain in his body and became fully healed. Pikachu! Pikachu cried.

Pikachu! Ash yelled. Thunder attack!

Pikachu charged up his powers and let a huge cry as he shot out a huge electric attack from his body, sending Mewtwo flying. Mewtwo became battered and bruised as he fell to the floor.

Black Jack became surprised when Ash quickly stood up. The kids got spunk! he said, as he finally got to his feet.

A suddenly a voice was heard in Black Jacks mind. Mew, mew!
Who was that? he thought as he looked round. That was weird.

Deep inside Black Jacks mind, he felt that someone or something was talking to him. Who are you? he thought.

Inside his thoughts, he pictured that there was a mysterious pokemon inside him. It looked happy and cheerful flying about. Then it had a serious look in its eyes.

Who are you? Black Jack asked.
I am one of the pokemon thatll help you save the other pokemon, it replied. Only you and the other Chosen One named Ash can make all the difference.
Difference or not, I still have a family to save.

Suddenly, a mixture of light and dark aura surrounded Black Jack, having said about his family inspired him. The dark and light aura also surrounded Blaziken and the pokeballs.

Watch out, Mane! Black Jack snarled as he clenched his fist. Were just getting warmed up!
What?! said Mane, shocked to see the auras surrounding Black Jack, Ash and others. Whats going on?!
Ready, Black Jack? Ash yelled.
Do you really need me to answer that? Black Jack replied.
Pikachu! Ash cried. Quick attack!
Blaziken! Black Jack yelled. Comet Punch!

The recovered Pikachu and Blaziken dashed at Mewtwo and started attacking Mewtwo with all their might and there was nothing Mane or the microchip could do about that.

Pikachu! Ash yelled. Iron Tail now!

Pikachus tail glowed vigorously as he swung it and hit Mewtwo in the face, causing a lot of damage.

Now, the grand finale! Black Jack shouted. Blaziken! Blaze Kick now!

Blaziken foot engulfed in flames, as he performed a roundhouse kick and hit the microchip that was on the back of the neck of Mewtwo, causing it to be broken. Mewtwo fell to the floor unconscious.

As a ref would say, Black Jack said in an evil tone. Mewtwo is no longer able to battle. We won.
No! Mane yelled. This cant be! My technology is unstoppable! My legendary pokemon are unbeatable! I shouldve defeated both of you!

Mewtwo slowly picked himself up as a blue aura surrounded him. It looked like he was recovering himself. We are no longer yours, he said angrily. Now you will pay!

Mewtwo shot out a fireball at both Mane and the man who was carrying the pokeballs in the briefcase. They both dived out of way, but the man dropped the briefcase.

You fool! Mane yelled. I must escape!

Mewtwo kept on shooting out his fireballs directly at Mane but he kept on dodging each one. The aura that surrounded Ash, Black Jack and their pokemon slowly disappeared. If Mewtwo keeps on shooting his fireballs, Black Jack thought. This place is gonna blow.

Black Jack ran over to Mewtwo and hand-chopped him on his shoulder, knocking him unconscious. Mane fell to his knees and breathed heavily for air. Suddenly the ground started to rumble violently and the place started to fall apart.

Mane was about to grab the pokeballs but Ash stepped in his way. You lost, Ash said. Now leave them alone.
Ill be back! Mane vowed as his eyes narrowed. He turned round and ran away along with his assistant. Ash was about to follow them but Black Jack stopped him and said, Pokemon, women and children first!

Ash smiled and nodded. They quickly let all of their pokemon out, picked up the pokeballs that were on the floor and gave them to the pokemon. Guys, Ash said. You have to get out of here.

The pokemon seemed confused of what Ash was saying. I dont want you guys to get hurt when this base falls apart. I have other pokemon to save.

You guys go as well, Black Jack said. I have Johns family to save.

All of the pokemon shook their heads, they all wanted to go with them. They lunged towards their trainers and hugged them. You guys wanna come with us? Ash asked. All of their pokemon nodded. Well, Black Jack? he asked.

Black Jack smiled at the love and friendship those pokemon gave. Whatever, he replied with a sigh. Lets go
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