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Quote originally posted by miakalina:
For 4th gen you need to RNG abuse your ID/SID to get a flawless shiny spread.

I happen to just like RNGing my ID to have a nice vanity ID. I don't believe in owning truly perfect Pokemon, I think their IV's are part of what makes each one unique and when we own only perfect ones they all become so identical I feel we almost might as well be cloning them... That said... I DO believe in RNGing their stats pretty high, and especially in using RNG to get perfect or near perfect Hidden Powers (Even my Imposter Ditto has a Perfect Hidden Power -- Despite that I don't battle -- Despite that even if that changed I really doubt the chance that an opponent will have Hidden Power as a move the Pokemon uses... I like knowing that it's part of the personality of my DItto I worked so hard on). Oh, FYI, the same Ditto is probably the closest to perfect I will ever LIKELY RNG... doesn't mean I won't change my mind for something special.

Little off topic asside... I'm looking to RNG my other copy of Black... Wondering what it should be though... I'm thinking a cool looking palidromic number (I.e. something like 12321)... or the first few digits of Pi... Any suggestions? I'm looking for pure vanity purposes, not aiming to make specific spreads shiny.

Hopefully someone will have a fun suggestion on my next ID... Hope you all have a Happy New Year.

I've been meaning to ask since I started posting again after being away so long... will challenges ever come back?