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Kefka just laughs at me. Well, he laughs until sand clogs his throat, causing him to cough up a lung in a highly comedic fashion. He frowns and starts talking again.

"I guess I have to tell you some things... before we massacre! Hahahaha. Let's see then... Didn't I tell you already? You are on your very own LAND. A planetoid in the MEDIUM, which is like space only better - if I'd fly up there, I could probably fly ANYWHERE and breathe without problem!"

He pauses to sigh and click his beak again. He seems...annoyed? I guess that's what he gets for being annoying all the time.

"You have a quest and I CAN HELP YOU DEVASTATE YOUR LAND! If you should choose to do that. But it could be a better idea to explore your land bit for bit, find the local population and learn from them more about your mission. MISSION, HAHAHA! More like a SUICIDAL OPERATION! Actually. Or if you want my help, I can kill you FOR YOU!"

Kefka is starting to freak me out. He starts to shudder, perhaps trying to fight an overpowering impulse to kill me. Or not to kill me. I'm not sure. But I do know that he's somewhat forced to be helpful, if a little uncooperative.

"Aaaahsjdk. Anyways, your friends are on their own planetoids, LANDS, spread around the center of the MEDIUM, called SKAIA. And SKAIA, baby, is where we ALL WANT TO GO!! Eventually. But if you end up there without understanding your ROLE, it won't do any good. So try to find out from the locals... who you are!"

Kefka grabs his head and turns away, mumbling about ignorant children. He seems to be done with being helpful.

"Hey! Uh...thanks!"

He just clicks at me with his back turned. I kinda...feel bad for him. But this really isn't a time to console ghost guides that may or may not want to kill me. So. Huh. This is the medium, I get that. And my land is some desert land called...Lodac? Yeah. And there are people here? Locals, he says...what do I look messed that up. But I have to find out about a mission...and get to some place called SKAIA. So I guess it's like the heaven/final battle type thing, where I go with all maxed out stats and go hand to hand with the big bad guy, with my female sweethearts, the plucky comedic relief Ricardo, and possibly some cool ghost guys like Kefkasprite and Fluffriksprite. But before I can do that I gotta do this quest thing and do some major level grinding.

I start to head off when my necklace beeps. I quickly pull out my wallet, and then my computer.
-- babelsEngineer [BE] opened memo on board OUT OF THE ASHES --
BE: Hey
BE: I made a new board, so that those strange other people won't be here
BE: I'd like a status report from everyone. We were supposed to play this game together, weren't we? But I'm pretty alone here. Except for a catlady who's going to take me to their leader. Or something
BE: Also, apparently I might be a prince of some kind. Fits me well, of course. I think it might be some aspect of the game
BE: Have you gone through your first gates? Please tell me you remembered to bring your computers. I... oh wait crap
BE: I didn't bring the computer I have SBURB installed on. Sorry Vieve, doesn't look like I can be your server until I get back to my house
BE: And I have no idea where my house is so I have no idea if I'm going to get it back
BE: And even if I do return home (if my house in this land can be called home) the imps have probably stolen it
BE: So yeah, I admit I made a mistake there
BE: But! Have you seen any cats? She mentioned pigs as well

VB: Nope, no cats here.

VC: I've actually got to agree with RT there :/ which makes me feel a bit weird
VB: Hm. Sorry.
BE: askdjhsdlkfjslkd you've gotta be kidding me!
VC: but Ricardo, I think it's important that we keep up with your progress! especially now that you can't see each other for forgetful reasons and stuff, right??
VC: but we can be quiet now and let you talk to your friends

VB: I'll be quiet as a mouse, if RT doesn't respond until one of the others do.
VB: Good boy. The board is all yours, Ricardo.
BE: It always was mine!!
BE: Whatever. Let's just... guys, and I mean MY guys. Just report, please

BV: Bonjour
BV: I am past my first gate as well
BV: No animals of any sort have appeared
BV: Well. There were some flamingo imps but other than that, nothing.
BV: Kefkasprite said there were some natives here, and I see a village
BV: I'll let you know what turns up when I check it out

I pack up my laptop and head out to the village. Cats? Pigs? Are these locals really animals?

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