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Now that I've had my final Christmas gathering, I can post what I got!

- Lots of clothes, including a dress I had been eyeing for a while
- Candy!
- Plenty of make up to last like the rest of my life since I don't wear make up a lot lol
- Kingdom Hearts 3D
- Kirby's Dream Collection
- Mario Kart 7
- Pikmin 2
- Victini TCG tin
- Umbreon plushie (!!!) and Munna and Pansage as well
- Yoshi hat!!! And Yoshi sweater!!!
- Pokemon wallet
- Alabama cup holder things because my car has Auburn ones :( Now I can fix that!
- $30 Target card WHOA
- Super Mario t-shirt
- Napoleon Dynamite
- Cat calendar lol
- 3 packs of Noble Victories (I think they're all NV, I haven't opened them yet)
- 2 rings
- Money

I have a big family. Just...throwing that out haha. I truly had the best Christmas tonight though. I got something I had been wanting for YEARS tonight and it just makes me so happy. <3 That thing being my Umbreon plushie of course! And I did not expect that Victini tin. I now have figurines and plushies of all of my top 3 favorite Pokemon. :)
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